Plants Care in Summer and Rainy Season

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Plants Care in Summer and Rainy Season

Post by Muhammad Imran Khan » June 1st, 2013, 8:31 pm

Plants are the priceless gifts of nature. Green color is mostly prescribed by opticians in order to cure a number of optical problems. Eyesight is sharpened by greenery.
Some people love plants as their friends and parts of life. There are thousands of reasons for plantation and protection of plants. Our climate is subtropical; summer is always severe and harsh. Every living being is susceptible to its dangerous effects. Plants are also affected to much extent. Some get wilted due to severe water loss and sunshine, other go brown and some die off.
There are two important things to be kept in mind in order to ensure plants safety. First is temperature and other is irrigation. To save plants which cannot resist sunshine for longer durations they should be covered by green shed or green net. ,, while fixing the shed it should be kept in mind that it should be somewhat more towards south-west because sunlight after 2’o clock is inclined at that angle. Potted Plants could also be kept in partial shade.
The other most important thing is irrigation. Plants planted in soil should be irrigated twice a day. First irrigation should be at early at least before 9 ‘O clock, and second irrigation should be after 4 pm. Do not irrigate plants in full sunshine and noon time.
For potted plants irrigate frequently after 4-5 hours because evaporation is maximum and media cannot retain moisture for day long. Try to avoid placing plants under direct sunlight for whole day, place in semi shade area. . Potted plants cannot tolerate too much temperatures as compared to earth grown and field crops. Plants with delicate and soft leaves are more affected as compared to those having hard and leathery leaves.
During summer drought period avoid pruining or limit it to diseased or dead portion as pruining of tree also puts stress on the plants. When a tree is stressed during a drought, sometimes gardeners think it needs to be fertilized. Actually, fertilizers can contain high salt concentrations and cause further harm to the tree.
These are precautionary measures as whole, typically every plant have specific characters and responses to environment. Consult experts for asking requirement of your plants in description.

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